National Accommodation, Recreation, and Tourism Accreditation Incorporated

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What is NARTA?

NARTA is the National Accommodation, Recreation, and Tourism Accreditation Program. It has been designed to provide a comprehensive procedure for checking and providing recognition of compliance with relevant legal operational requirements. It is an ongoing process that requires organisations to regularly review their compliance regime in line with changing community attitudes and legislative changes and undergo site assessments.

  • This is accomplished through self-assessment and both desk and workplace assessments.
  • NARTA Accreditation is not a process of comparison between organisations.
  • NARTA Accreditation is voluntary.
  • NARTA Accreditation is a national program that recognises State Legislation.

The NARTA Inc. Accreditation Package is endorsed, recommended or accepted as an appropriate accreditation methodology (at November 2015) by:

  • Outdoors NSW
  • Christian Venues Association
  • DEECD - Victoria
  • DECD, South Australia
  • Department of Education Tasmania
  • National Parks and Wildlife NSW
  • NSW Maritime Authority
  • The Salvation Army in Australia
  • The Baptist Union of Australia
  • Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia
  • Catholic Education Office - Archdiocese of Melbourne
  • Antiochian Orthodox Church

Accreditation of an organisation is not mandatory; however, organisations recognise the value in assuring the appropriateness of facilities & services to their guests or students.

Education Departments that do not recommend or endorse any particular accreditation bodies, as schools make their own decisions, include:

  • Department of Education, Western Australia, which acknowledges “that schools would respond favourable towards those organisations that have gained NARTA accreditation”.
  • NSW Department of Education.
  • Department of Education, Queensland.

Who is NARTA?

NARTA Inc. was established to raise standards in the accommodation, recreation and tourism sectors that primarily deal with the outdoors and group experiences by providing an accreditation program that allows operators to gauge their compliance with industry and public expectations. As at January 2021, Christian Venues Association is responsible for the oversight & implementation of the program.

Christian Venues Association (CVA) represents over 150 group residential accommodation providers from all States. With 24,500 beds and over 1,000,000 guests per annum, Christian Venues represents a significant proportion of the Group Accommodation Sector in Australia. Established in 1974, and with its link to over 3,500 operations worldwide, Christian Venues is keen to offer the industry a simple yet effective accreditation program that allows applicants to spend more of their time on provision of legal, safe services and activities.

CVA is charged with providing an accreditation program to its members (and others as set out in these rules) that:

  • Ensures compliance with National, State and Local Government requirements for the legal and safe operation of the services provided by those undertaking accreditation.
  • Is owned by the industry association involved in its development and application.
  • Is administered within approved guidelines at prices set by NARTA.
  • Is acceptable and implemented nationally.
  • Establishes a list of requirements that are initially self-assessed with acknowledgment of responsibility for the listed requirements.
  • Indicates how the requirements are met or that they are not required.
  • Is economical to apply.
  • Is backed up by an acceptable and open assessment process that has a right of appeal.
  • Is acceptable to the major user groups including State Departments of Education.